Right Time, Right Place and the Right People: Emerging New Opportunities in China-Philippines Collab


       On July 16th, by invitation of the Philippine Embassy in China, the Power Battery Application Association China Branch joined the Trade and Investment Delegation for a meeting in the Philippines with the Philippine Department of Energy and met Mario Marasigan, Director of the Power Industry Administration of the Ministry of Energy, and Jesus Annunciation, Deputy Director of the Energy Utilization Administration. The officials held talks and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the new energy popular demand and policy dynamics of the Philippine electric vehicle and power system energy storage.


       At the meeting, the representatives of the Philippine side first extended a warm welcome to the Chinese delegation and expressed their gratitude for the outstanding contributions made by joint efforts of China and the Philippines in the field of power battery. Zhang Yu, Secretary General of the Power Battery Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, on behalf of the China Industry Association, gave a detailed introduction to the policy support of China’s new energy vehicles and automotive battery industry during the development of industries, and shared with the Philippine side China’s practical experience in the development of renewable energy vehicles.


       The representatives of the Philippine side elaborated on the current new energy projects and related support policies of the Philippine government to the Chinese delegation, and conducted in-depth discussions with the Chinese delegation on relevant issues. By using previous in-depth exchanges as foundation, the Philippine side hopes to carry out more cooperative development projects with China, and jointly explore the fields of energy storage and electric vehicles to promote industrial prosperity and development of the industries together.


1.       The Philippine “Electric Tricycle Showcase Project”. The project is funded by the Philippine government and Philippine Department of Energy is responsible for its implementation. The plan is to distribute 3000 electric tricycles onto several islands in the Philippines. The project is the first new energy vehicle showcase project promoted by the Philippine government. It launched in 2016 and have since completed. According to reports, the project has achieved good results by greatly raising people’s awareness and conscientious spending on new energy vehicles, and thus further increased the markets acceptance of new energy vehicles.

2.       The “Automobile Industry Comprehensive Revival Plan” project in the Philippines. The project was promoted by the Ministry of Communications of the Philippines and intends to promote the electrification of public transport. It is reported that the main type of public transport is the jeepney and there are about 230,000 jeepney running on traditional fuel. The Philippine government plans to replace them all with electric jeepneys in the next six years.

3.       Electric passenger car policy support. According to representatives on the Philippine side, the Philippines has implemented a policy of encouraging the purchase of elective vehicles, it is referred to as the “5678” measure, and “5” means 5% down payment, “6” means the interest rate of the electric car mortgage is 6%, “7” means it would be a 7-year-loan, and “8” is the government subsidizing 80,000 pesos for each purchase of electric vehicle.

4.       Power Storage. The Philippine government has now introduced a complete power battery energy storage plan that covers all power supply and consumer sectors such as power generation, power transmission and distribution, and industrial and residential electricity use. It is understood that the Philippines State Grid Corporation is the leading force in power storage, but at the same time foreign companies are also allowed to build and operate energy storage stations with 100% ownership whilst enjoying national treatment.


Zhang Yu stated that the China-Philippine relations are at its “best time in history” and the continuous improvement of friendly relations between the two countries has brought more cooperation projects, as well as in-depth exchanges between the delegations from both countries in the recent years. The new energy field has become one of the key areas of cooperation between the two sides.


Liu Fei, Senior Consultant of the Power Battery Application Association Branch, said the Branch would like to serve as a bridge and a link, and play a leading role in establish the new energy collaboration platform, under the principle of “mutual benefit and joint effort”, to actively provide support and service to enterprises from both countries in the field.

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